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The results of appeasement

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Written by Claudia

February 7, 2009 at 1:09 pm

Wanted terror suspect is Scotland Yard advisor on Muslim extremism

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A man wanted by Interpol for his links to an alleged terrorist organisation is an adviser to Scotland Yard on Muslim extremism.

Mohamed Ali Harrath has been the subject of the Interpol red notice since 1992 because of his alleged activities in Tunisia.

HHis home country has issued an arrest warrant for the 45-year-old, who is chief executive of the Islam Channel in the UK.

Mohamed Ali HarrathMohamed Ali Harrath

Wanted for terror offences: Mohamed Ali Harrath is reportedly advising the Metropolitan Police on countering Muslim extremism 

via Wanted terror suspect is Scotland Yard advisor on Muslim extremism | Mail Online.

Magnificent… This one doesn’t even need to infiltrate anywhere

Written by Claudia

December 15, 2008 at 9:34 pm

Mumbai attackers more tech savvy than the police

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When the attackers arrived on the shores of Mumbai last month, they had studied satellite images of the city, were carrying handheld GPS sets and were communicating with their handlers via the Internet and satellite phone.

Many of the Indian police they encountered did not even have walkie-talkies.

The Mumbai gunmen not only overwhelmed security forces with their weaponry and willingness to die, but also with their sophisticated use of technology, security experts said.

“These (terrorists) are well aware of the technology available and also know that the police are several steps behind. And a lot of this technology is extremely easy to use and to learn,” said Pavan Duggal, a technology expert and New Delhi-based lawyer

via Mumbai attackers more tech savvy than the police – Yahoo! News.

This is a total disgrace, isn’t it? The police should be much more prepared that the terrorists… So, who is financing these bastards to have such an equipment?

By the way, Pakistan has accused Indian planes of entering its airspace

Indian warplanes crossed into Pakistani airspace on Saturday over two parts of the country where the militant group accused of carrying out the Mumbai terror attacks is active, according to Pakistani officials, who said they scrambled their own air force jets to chase the Indian aircraft back across the border.

The incursions would appear to be an aggressive display by India, whose top officials describe neighboring Pakistan as the “epicenter of terrorism” and say Pakistan’s own intelligence service has long aidedLashkar-e-Taiba, the group blamed for the attacks in Mumbai last month, which sharply raised tensions between the nuclear-armed rivals.

This is noooo good.

Written by Claudia

December 15, 2008 at 6:06 am

Momin Khawaja, infiltrating Canadian security agencies?

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Muslim terror promoters penetrating Canadian security agencies? « Creeping Sharia

f terrorism suspect Momin Khawaja, now on trial in Ottawa, is as guilty as Crown prosecutors say, it’ll be time to settle an important question: Was Mr. Khawaja a “Naji man”?

Amid trial allegations, court details and defence objections, significant questions arise about Mr. Khawaja’s status as a consultant to the Department of Foreign Affairs at about the time of his arrest. Prosecutors claim the software contractor used his perch inside the department to send streams of E-mails to confederates abroad – that federal resources were, in other words, used to advance terror plots. Authorities also say Mr. Khawaja might have used privileged Foreign Affairs department travel documents to travel on his “missions.” And that he allegedly suggested using special departmental courier services to send bomb-related equipment to foreign associates, in the apparent belief that a government imprimatur on shipments confers immunity from customs searches.

Insiders can do a lot of damage in sensitive government and private-sector establishments. From intelligence organizations to banks, history is replete with examples of infiltrators and penetrators undermining computer systems, removing money, spilling secrets. Remember Barings Bank? Kim Philby?

So questions must be asked. If, for the sake of argument, Mr. Khawaja was working against Canadians and their allies, what access did he have to departmental personnel, to electronic records, communications and associated encryption systems? Who recommended and hired him in the first place? A friend? If the government’s version is correct, why would a software consultant be so confident about his access to special courier services? Did he have a network of friends at the department? It is early days, and no decisive answers are on offer.

Must pay attention to this trial: it’s going to be pretty interesting..

Written by Claudia

December 13, 2008 at 6:32 pm

Mumbay attacks: some cuestions related with cooperation and nuclear proliferation

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The U.S. has promised India “very active” help to improve its counter-terrorism capabilities while asking Pakistan to act “urgently and transparently” to help catch the perpetrators of the Mumbai terror assaults and prevent future attacks.

The “terrible sophisticated” terror attack “raises questions about the importance of making certain that everything is done to bring the perpetrators to justice, but also to prevent follow-on attacks,” Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said on Friday.

“And in that regard, Pakistan has a special responsibility to act,” she said in Copenhagen, after a meeting with Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen, whom she briefed about her talks with Indian and Pakistani leaders

via The Hindu News Update Service.

Even if Indian state has done very little to stop the persecution against Christians which took place last summer, I really consider that it’s necessary they are helped in these matters. That’s why I just don’t understand why Pakistan has agreed with Afghanistan and Turkey to cooperate in anti-terrorist matters,while they are not doing the same with India (apart from the three countries being Islamic and India being a non-Islamic country).

Apart from that, there is the inherent perils of having both India and Pakistan nuclear arsenals:

The Mumbai terrorist attacks and their potential to re-poison the relationship between India and Pakistan suggests that we should not be too sanguine about the stability of nuclear deterrence in a proliferated world. Even if nuclear weapons tend to encourage mutually-deterring relationships between possessor states (an assumption that, while plausible, is no more than an extrapolation from a single U.S.-Soviet case study and a mere decade of sometimes tension-filled Indo-Pakistani nuclear confrontation), there is no guarantee that any actual possessors’ relationship will be stable.

This is true particularly where bitter regional rivalries are susceptible to inflammation from other factors (e.g., cross-border terrorism and/or squabbles over contested frontiers). One would have to have a great deal of faith indeed in the conflict-moderating impact of nuclear weapons in order to be comfortable that the net result will be more stable and less dangerous than before. It is certainly possible that in such contexts the introduction of nuclear weapons would not increase stability. It would merely worsen the potential downside risks if troubled relationships deteriorate.

Written by Claudia

December 6, 2008 at 8:18 pm

Italy Raises Terror Alert

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Due to heightened chatter and the upcoming Christmas season Italian authorities have issued an allarme terrorismo–terror warning–requesting that citizens be extra vigilant in the weeks ahead.

Roberto Maroni, Italys Minister of Internal Affairs, stated today that their attention is “extremely high” and that Italian law enforcement offficials have stepped up controls to places typically associated with large crowds such as “supermarkets, malls, churches and other places of worship in order to prevent terrorist actions.”

via Life without Berlusconi: Italy Raises Terror Alert.

Something wise considering that two Moroccans were arrested three days ago, with plans to bomb Milan’s Duomo, military and civil buildings, like the Army offices at Peruccheti and of the Carabinieri of Guisano, a parking and the bar Mistral sited at Seregno. They stated: “There is no need to go to Afghanistan to belong to Al-Qaeda“. They were using oxygen cylinders to make bombs following instructions found in the Web. They also used internet to see jihad’s videos.

Written by Claudia

December 6, 2008 at 11:44 am

Mumbai: More explosives found

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Leftover explosives found in Mumbai train station – Yahoo! News

Police on Wednesday discovered leftover explosives hidden in a bag in Mumbai’s main train station — a stunning new example of botched security after the deadly rampage that left the government open to accusations it missed warnings and bungled its response.

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Islamabad has a “special responsibility” to cooperate with the investigation into the attacks, which Indian and U.S. officials have blamed on militant groups based in Pakistan.

During a joint press conference with Rice, Foreign Minister Pranab Mukherjee said, “there is no doubt the terrorist attacks in Mumbai were perpetrated by individuals who came from Pakistan and whose controllers are in Pakistan.”

Are they from the same terrorists that attacked Mumbai last week? Or are they new attacks?

More information about the attackers:

The training was “meticulous and rigorous,” said a security official who spoke on the customary condition of anonymity.

The official said the gunmen sailed from Karachi in a Lashkar vessel that brought them to the waters near an Indian vessel they hijacked, the MV Kuber.

They killed three crew members and dumped their bodies in high seas, but kept the captain alive so that he could guide them into Mumbai.

The captain was killed some three nautical miles off Mumbai’s coast, the official said.

I’m really sorry for this people. Poor sailmen!

Written by Claudia

December 3, 2008 at 9:08 pm

Italian terrorist plot: 2 Moroccans Arrested

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World Briefing – Europe – Italy – 2 Arrested in Plot for Terrorist Attacks –

The police in Milan arrested two Moroccan-born men on Tuesday on charges of plotting terrorist attacks against Italian targets, including a police barracks and a supermarket. Rachid Ilhami, 31, and Abdelkader Ghafir, 42, have lived in Italy for a decade and in recent weeks acquired materials to make explosives, the police said. They said the two were not tied to international groups but were believed to have admired the work of Al Qaeda. The arrests followed a two-year investigation that relied on surveillance of the men’s phones, cars and the Islamic cultural center they frequented outside Milan.

10 years??? So, they had actually been living for long thre.

Written by Claudia

December 3, 2008 at 7:01 pm

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Security guards flee as pirates seize ship

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Somali pirates on Friday seized a specialist tanker after a desperate defence by unarmed security guards in what was thought to be the first attack on a ship with its own deterrent on board.

The pirates’ success will raise fresh concerns about the value of using security guards to protect ships in the dangerous sea lanes between Somalia and Yemen, where most of the 40 vessel seizures reported this year have taken place.

The three guards, all ex-Royal Marines, came under a hail of fire from half a dozen pirates using AK-47 rifles and rocket propelled grenades.

They kept the pirates at bay for more than an hour using hoses, evasive action and a sound device that deafens attackers.

But eventually the team were forced to escape by jumping off the bridge roof to be picked up by a French rescue helicopter. / Africa – Security guards flee as pirates seize ship

Are we sooo idiot as to send UNARMED security guards to defend a ship from pirates?

It looks we are…

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November 28, 2008 at 7:10 pm

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Indian commandoes kill last 3 gunmen at hotel – Yahoo! News

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Indian commandoes killed the last three gunman at a landmark hotel late Thursday and were sweeping another luxury hotel in search of hostages and trapped people after suspected Muslim militants stormed targets across Mumbai, leaving 119 people dead.
Meanwhile, eight hostages were freed from the headquarters of a Jewish outreach group, according to an official of the Maharashtra state home department, speaking on customary condition of anonymity. However, it was unclear if any others remained inside the ultra-orthodox Chabad Lubavitch offices.
Gunfire and explosions could be heard well into the night from the Taj Mahal and Oberoi hotels, two of the city’s top gathering spots for the Mumbai elite, as well as at Jewish group’s center. Throughout the day, commandoes brought hostages, trapped guests and corpses from the hotels in small groups.
The gunmen’s main targets appeared to be Americans, Britons and Jews, though most of the dead seemed to be Indians and foreign tourists caught in random gunfire.
But clearly the gunmen — some of whom strode casually through their targets in khakis and T-shirts — came ready for a siege.
“They have AK-47s and grenades. They have bags full of grenades and have come fully prepared,” said Maj. Gen. R.K. Hooda.

Indian commandoes kill last 3 gunmen at hotel – Yahoo! News

Other links:
US agencies monitoring India attacks.
Photos of the attacks, here. One of the arrested is a Pakistani national


Indian commandos battled to regain control of two luxury hotels and other buildings in the commercial capital of Mumbai on Thursday after attacks by armed militants left at least 119 people dead and more than 300 wounded. Meantime, the country’s prime minister blamed neighboring countries for the brazen attacks.

“The situation is still not under control and we are trying to flush out any more terrorists hiding inside the two hotels,” said Vilasrao Deshmukh, chief minister of Maharashtra state which is home to Mumbai.

(…) Prime Minister Manmohan Singh blamed militants from neighboring countries — usually meaning Pakistan — raising fears of renewed tension between the nuclear-armed rivals.

“It is evident that the group which carried out these attacks, based outside the country, had come with single-minded determination to create havoc in the commercial capital of the country,” he said in a televised address.

The attacks show the terrorists have changed their strategies:

while the attack was highly organised, it was not necessarily that advanced in terms of technology, with automatic weapons and grenades. It had more the look of a small-scale guerrilla war than a typical al-Qaeda attack.

A group calling itself the Deccan Mujahideen has claimed responsibility for the attacks but little is known of it.

The men were of South Asian appearance and reportedly spoke Hindi, indicating they originated in India.

Attacks over recent years have seen a variety of different groups named, particularly the Indian Mujahideen who had apparently threatened to attack Mumbai in September, claiming that Muslims had been harassed.

The authorities have often pointed the finger at the Students’ Islamic Movement of India, believing that other groups like the Indian Mujahideen are a front for this banned organisation.

The BBC has some interesting videos, too.

Charity convicted in terrorism financing trial

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A Muslim charity and five of its former leaders were convicted Monday of funneling millions of dollars to the Palestinian militant group Hamas in the retrial of the largest terrorism financing case since the attacks of Sept. 11.

U.S. District Judge Jorge A. Solis announced the 108 guilty verdicts on the eighth day of deliberations in the retrial of the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, once the nation’s largest Muslim charity.

Relatives of the former leaders sobbed after the defendants were found guilty of all counts, and one crying woman screamed in the courtroom, “My dad is not a criminal!

via Charity convicted in terrorism financing trial – Yahoo! News

Good news indeed!!!

No, your dad is worst than a criminal: he is in the US without staining his hands with blood and sends money for others to do the dirty work. That’s worse (for me at least) than killing…

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Written by Claudia

November 24, 2008 at 9:53 pm

Pakistan says militants pushed back from Peshawar

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A two-week operation to secure the frontier city of Peshawar, which sits on a key supply route for U.S. and NATO troops in Afghanistan, killed 25 suspected militants, a Pakistani official said Monday.Security forces backed by warplanes and artillery swept through an area between the city and Pakistan’s wild tribal belt, where Taliban and al-Qaida militants have found refuge.
Zafrullah Khan, commander of paramilitary Frontier Constabulary troops in the area, said his force and police have taken control of 22 of 25 targeted villages and would clear the others within a week.

Pakistan says militants pushed back from Peshawar – Yahoo! News

These are good news, because not very long ago, the Talibans were inside Peshawar, killing innocent Shia Muslims, because they didn’t agree with them. Respect and freedom first, heh?

Written by Claudia

November 24, 2008 at 2:01 pm

Schoolgirls Attacked with Acid in Afghanistan

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And blinded for life because they were actually going to school:



Related: Burned with acid in Pakistan.

Written by Claudia

November 16, 2008 at 3:41 pm

Abu Qatada arrested after ‘attempts to flee’

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Radical Islamic cleric Abu Qatada has been arrested after allegedly attempting to flee the country. Qatada, described as Osama bin Laden’s “right-hand man in Europe”, is under strict bail conditions following an earlier Court of Appeal decision to refuse his deportation.

After being freed from HMP Long Lartin in Worcestershire in June, he was ordered to spend at least 22 hours a day confined to his West London home, wearing an electronic tag.

However, according to The Sun newspaper, Qatada, 47, has been arrested after allegedly breaching his bail. The newspaper reported that the UK Borders Agency received a tip-off that he was planning to leave Britain.

via Abu Qatada arrested after ‘attempts to flee’ | EuropeNews

Of course, no one never imagined this could happen… Just kidding.


  1. More idiocy on counterterrorism policy in the UK.
  2. UK Counterterrorism: where is the logic?

Written by Claudia

November 11, 2008 at 12:57 pm

Indonesia executes 3 in Bali nightclub bombings

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Indonesia executed three Islamic militants Saturday for helping plan and carry out the 2002 Bali bombings that killed 202 people, many of them foreign tourists.

Imam Samudra, 38, and brothers Amrozi Nurhasyim, 47, and Ali Ghufron, 48, were executed several miles from their high security prison on Nusakambangan island, said Qadar Faisal, one of their attorneys.

Their bodies will be taken by helicopter to their home villages for burial, he said.

The Oct. 12, 2002 twin nightclub attacks — allegedly funded by al-Qaida and carried out by members of the Southeast Asian militant group Jemaah Islamiyah — thrust the world’s most populous Muslim nation onto the front lines in the war on terror.

The three never expressed remorse, saying the bombings were meant to punish the U.S. and its Western allies for alleged atrocities in Afghanistan and elsewhere. They even taunted relatives of victims at their trials five years ago.

via Indonesia executes 3 in Bali nightclub bombings – Yahoo! News

Restitution tops $4M in Midwest eco-terrorism case

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An environmental activist who committed arson at Michigan State University in 1999 is now ordered to pay more than $4 million in restitution, a federal judge decided Monday.

Frank Ambrose, 33, of Detroit was sentenced Oct. 20 to nine years in federal prison. He and Marie Mason committed arson at MSU’s Agriculture Hall on New Year’s Eve 1999 to protest genetic-crop research in the name of the radical Earth Liberation Front.

They also admitted to tree spikings in Indiana and fires at four homes under construction in the Detroit area.

via The Associated Press: Restitution tops $4M in Midwest eco-terrorism case

well, this is truly good: you can maintain any ideas, as long as you don’t force others to have them with terror…

Written by Claudia

November 9, 2008 at 2:43 pm

Bin Laden aide gets life sentence at Guantanamo trial

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A Yemeni man accused of being an aide to Osama bin Laden has been convicted by a military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and has been sentenced to life in prison, US authorities announced.
A Pentagon spokesman said that Ali Hamza Ahmad al-Bahlul, 39, an alleged aide and media secretary to the al-Qaeda leader, was convicted Friday by a military panel of charges of conspiracy, solicitation to murder and terrorist acts, and providing material support for terrorism.
Commander Jeffrey Gordon of the US Defense Department said it was the second trial of a “war on terror” detainee at Guantanamo Bay under a specially created system of military commissions that has been criticized by civil rights activists and lawyers as lacking full protection of defendants’ rights.
Bahlul boycotted the trial and, on his instructions, his court-appointed military lawyer remained silent throughout the proceedings, said Jamil Dakwar, who observed the trial for the American Civil Liberties Union.

AFP: Bin Laden aide gets life sentence at Guantanamo trial

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Written by Claudia

November 4, 2008 at 10:15 am

Thailand: last Bhuddist family in village killed by insurgents

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The last Buddhist family in a village of this southern border province was attacked by Muslim insurgents Sunday, killing the mother and severely injuring the daughter. The attack against the family in Moo 7 village of Tambon Laloh of Ruesoh district happened at 1:20 pm.
Police said the mother Ladda Sutthani, 72, owner of a clothes shop, was fatally shot and her daughter, Darunee Duangkaew, 39, was severely injured and sent to the provincial hospital.Ladda, who was shot at her head and neck, died before she was sent to the hospital.
The father had been killed a year ago.

What Muslims really want: Ethnic Cleansing In Thailand » Winds Of Jihad

Well, Islamists say Christians attacked them in the Crusades (without considering they attacked Christian world first). Now, please, tell me: when did Bhuddists attack Muslims?

Written by Claudia

November 3, 2008 at 3:08 pm

Lahore under threat from the Talibans

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This city has long been regarded as the cultural, intellectual and artistic heart of Pakistan, famous for its poets and writers, its gardens and historic sites left over from the Mughal Empire.The turmoil sown by militancy may have reached into the capital, Islamabad, but it rarely seemed to intrude here among the leafy boulevards that are home to many of Pakistan’s secular-minded elite.But in recent weeks, panic has found its way even here, with a series of small bombs and other threats that offer a measure of just how deeply the fear of militant groups like the Taliban has penetrated Pakistani society.
On Oct. 7, three small bombs exploded in juice shops in a sprawling, congested neighborhood called Garhi Shahu. The shops, which had gained a reputation as “dating points,” offering enclosed booths for young couples to cuddle, were gutted in the blasts. One person was killed, and several others were wounded.
An unknown group called Tehreek-ul Haya, or Movement for Decency, claimed responsibility and warned of more attacks against “centers of immorality” in the city.

Fear of Taliban reaches Lahore – International Herald Tribune

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Written by Claudia

November 3, 2008 at 2:51 pm

Indian Jihad in Assam

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The Government will not admit this, but the jihadis have succeeded in their diabolical aim of creating an atmosphere of insecurity and fear across the country. No city, no State is immune to this. Even if explosions haven’t happened in Kerala yet, it doesn’t mean that terror merchants don’t have the State on their radar.
Some 300 persons are believed to have been indoctrinated there already. Intelligence agencies, as usual in the dark, stumbled upon this startling fact only when two Kerala-born militants were gunned down in an encounter in Jammu and Kashmir.
From Idduki to Imphal, Kargil to Kanniya Kumari, India lives in trepidation. It is already being compared to jihadi-infested Iraq, Afghanistan and even Pakistan. With nearly 1,000 innocent civilians lost so far this year, and 18,360 total deaths from terrorist depredations in the country (excluding J&K) over the last decade, India has probably overtaken the tally of deaths in those countries.

Jihad by Muslims, now pan India phenomenon, they are killing Hindus at will all over India « Islamic Terrorism in India

This, related with the explosions in India which at least 70 people were killed, have led PM Mohamed Singh to state “No compromise on terrorism“:

During a brief interaction with the media at Guwahati Medical College and Hospital, Singh said the UPA government was not soft on terror and would do everything possible to fight it. “We will take effective measures against whosoever is responsible for the dastardly acts. If other governments are involved in it, we will take up the matter with them. We will also look into the clues that we have collected during the investigations,” he said.

Those Governments involved are Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Written by Claudia

November 2, 2008 at 11:10 am


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