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Mugabe’s new term

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The Associated Press: Mugabe looks for support at African summit

The African Union summit got under way in this Egyptian Red Sea resort a day after Mugabe was sworn in as president for a sixth term following the widely discredited runoff Friday in which he was the only candidate. Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai withdrew after his supporters became targets of brutal state-sponsored violence.

The campaign was brutal enough, as to arrive in Britain where it involvedsurveillance, threats against family members in Zimbabwe, menacing late-night phone calls and bogus messages saying that fundraising activities are cancelled or disrupted“.

Meanwhile opposition leader Tsvangirai considers that Mugabe must negotiate and looks like the African summit will press Mugabe to do the same.

This is why news like this, make me vomit. Ok, perhaps they are doing that not to be considered racists

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June 30, 2008 at 10:26 pm

India: the “Disappearing Daughters” report

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Selective abortion causes severe imbalance of sexes in Indian regions

A new report by the British charity ActionAid indicates that unborn baby girls are being disproportionately aborted in some areas of India, while significant numbers who live until birth are being deliberately neglected and left to die. In one area in the state of Punjab, there are only 300 girls for every 1,000 boys among high cast families, the report claims.

ActionAid joined Canada’s International Development Research Center (IDRC) to produce the Disappearing Daughters report, the BBC says. After interviewing more than 6,000 households in sites across five states in northwestern India, researchers found that the proportion of girls to boys was noticeably below the natural rate of 950 girls to every 1,000 boys.

In three of the five study sites, the ratio of girls to boys was under 800 per 1,000.

It’s curious the lack of coverage this girls’ murder have in Western press. But it is more important that what can be considered at first:

Societies that practice sex selection in favor of males (sometimes called son preference or female deselection) are quite common, especially in China, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, New Guinea, and many other developing countries in Asia and North Africa [1][2]; sex selection in favor of females appears to be rare or non-existent, although some legends of Amazons say that they practiced male infanticide. In 2005, 90 million women were estimated to be missing in seven Asian countries alone due, apparently, to prenatal sex selective abortion.[3] [2]

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June 30, 2008 at 9:35 pm

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Another Muslim attack on Egyptian Coptic monastery

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Islam Watch – “Islamist Carnage and Rampage in Egyptian Monastery”

The peaceful fourth century monastery of Deir Abu-Fana (St Epiphanius) was the target of an atrocious attack by a group of some 70 Arabs’, as tribal communities that live in the desert are called, armed with automatic weapons, on Saturday 31 May. At 5:00pm the attack started at the farmlands surrounding the monastery buildings. The plants and fields were destroyed, and the monks and workers assaulted. The gas-fired irrigation pumps were broken and the gas used to torch the monastery buildings and cells. The attack converged on the central compound; three cells were burnt and the mushroom produce building destroyed, as well as a tractor owned by the monastery. The tractor is a major means of transport for the monks among the sand dunes.

The attackers set the Church of the Pope Kyrillos on fire, destroyed the altar, tore and torched the bibles and icons, and ruined the wire fence recently built to protect the monastery.

Father Bakhoum, 35, was shot in the shoulder and leg, Father Fini was injured in the arm, and the two cadets Brother Sawiris, 30, and Brother Michael, 25, were injured in their arms and legs. One of the attackers, Khalil Ibrahim Mohamed, 39, was killed.

When they finally left, the attackers abducted three monks, Fathers Youa’nnis, Maximous, and Andrawes, as well as Ibrahim Taqqi who is the brother of one of the monks and was incidentally visiting the monastery at the time. (Read it all).

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June 30, 2008 at 8:01 pm

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Spreading Islam… by sex

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There are two very interesting posts on the subject, both considering it by using sexual partnerships, whether it’s through mut’ah or temporary marriage:

I fear that our mut`ah advocate may have hit upon a policy more dangerous to American civilization than WMDs or even the intellectual appeal of Islam purely as a religion: the siren song of sex. Men are notoriously weak in this regard, and if mut`ah is allowed to exist, even sub rosa, how long will it be before irreligious, or even lapsed Christian, American males begin to see the sexual advantages of Shi`i Islam? Some would certainly argue that mut`ah is a more realistic marriage institution for the male of the species than that rather more demanding serial monogamy which Christianity has mandated. And even in these days of rising ethanol demand, a handful of corn is not that hard to come by.

or by pushing modern legal systems to recognise polygamy:

This raises what many consider to be the two major assaults on the Judeo-Christian West today: from without, the push for sharia law; from within, the push to redefine the institution of marriage. Both are major areas of concern, and both must be firmly resisted.

Just don’t try to do it if you are NOT Muslim… or you can get burned. And not by love precisely…

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June 30, 2008 at 6:19 pm

What Spanish Vicepresident De La Vega does not understand about the veil

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Spanish Minister for Equality, Bibiana Aído, clarified her own statements on the veil, because Spanish VP, De La Vega remarked that “Spanish Government respects Islamic veil”. She mustn’t have seen this ad then:

Caption: “You can’t stop them. But you can protect yourself. Your creator has your best interests at heart.”

France 24 has posted this image, which is circulating via e-mail in Egypt to promote the use of the hijab and niqab by Egyptian women. The message is the same as that of Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali, who in 2006 outraged Australians by comparing un-veiled women to uncovered meat.

As usual, the notion of men having the responsibility to control themselves, or even being able to do so, is completely absent.

And in case she would have seen it, I don’t think she would have said anything different: Spanish Islamic Council supported Zapatero on the March 9th elections.

Related: Photo of Ahmadinejad’s wife. Really well protected.

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June 30, 2008 at 5:44 pm

Antisemitism in Europe

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Video via Krishna, who has an extensive post on the subject of antisemitism rising in Europe, the last episode of this worrying ideology, having taken place in Paris:

Five youths detained after a Jewish teenager was beaten into a coma by a gang in Paris have been released without charge, AFP reported Wednesday quoting judicial officials.

(…) The Paris prosecutor Jean-Claude Marin said Tuesday the 17-year-old victim, Rudy Haddad, was beaten by a gang after street brawls between Jewish teenagers and youths of north African and sub-Saharan descent.

(…) The prosecutor has confirmed the anti-Semitic character of the aggression and said anti-Semitic insults – like “dirty Jew” – were shouted during the aggression.

Though at first it wasn’t recognised as “antisemitic”.

As Krishna says in th above link:

Anti-Semitism is on the rise worldwide, but its especially noticeable in Europe. There is a definite connection between hatred of Israel and hatred of Jews in general. Both are inflammed by media coverage that is strongly biased against Israel.

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June 29, 2008 at 11:43 pm

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In India, the unrest continues

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In a season of discontent, many protests sweep India – International Herald Tribune

Some speculate that India’s weak central government, which is run by an uneasy coalition between the Congress Party and the Left Front, could be contributing to the unrest. Others attribute the upheaval to rapid changes in Indian society.

Whether they are Muslims protesting the plan to build a Hindu temple on forest land (three people killed more than two dozen injured) or Nepali-speaking separatists, they are just trying to desestabilize Indian Government. Today 50 members of an elite anti-insurgency force were sank by “Maoist rebels” and also today Indian Kasmir Government has reversed its decision to hand over some forest land to build a place for Hindu pilgrims, after a week of protests by Muslim followers.

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June 29, 2008 at 10:21 pm