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“Being allies of China and Russia in counterterrorism policy is an error”

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That is what Robert Kagan says in an interview with Spanish newspaper ABC. I basically agree about China. Regarding Russia, we must take into account the importance that its foreign policy can be influenced by its growing Muslims minority (in fact, in 2050, according to some experts a third of Russian population will be Muslim). Islamists, I believe, are doing a good job in desestabilizing but the fruits of those desestabilization can benefit China (among others).


Written by Claudia

June 25, 2008 at 5:54 pm

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  1. […] by blogfreeworld in Islamism, foreign policy, politics. trackback I wrote the other day about how Russian growing Muslim population could influence its foreign policy. Well, it’s also influencing its interior policy: The agreement (value: $1.5 million) […]

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