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“Mosques must boost role in tackling extremism”

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This is what a British Conservative MP has stated regarding mosques’ role:

Paul Goodman (…) called on the government to “marry up” private and voluntary money with mainstream mosques, “who have a crucial role in winning the hearts and minds of young people”. “It’s the mainstream mosques in the end that have got the religious legitimacy to turn round to al-Qaeda and to extremists and to say ‘you’re wrong’,” he said.

The problem with this statements is the lack of realism they have. When in a mosque people like Aub Qutada can speak (or peoplelike him can speak about Islam and give away or sell CDs with their ideas) who has recently being freed “on condition that he does not see Bin Laden in London” and who has begun again telling Muslims they should  “terrorize the unbelievers” with more terrorist attacks, the “believers” aren’t going to be very peaceful or are going to reject Al-Qaeda.


Written by Claudia

June 25, 2008 at 6:07 pm

Posted in Islamism, terrorism

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