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Don’t criticise Sharia Law in UNHRC: it’s forbidden

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That is. Looks like someone tried to discuss if Islam was promoting the FGM, honor killings and minors’ marriages, so Pakistan, Iran and Egypt protested and the UNHRC just concluded that no one should critisize Islam except it was an Islamic “scholar”.

Pakistan’s Siddiqui added: “I would like to state again that this is not the forum to discuss religious sensitivity.”

Why is that the UNHRC is not the right place to discuss about the effects of a “religious sensitivity” on HR?

The Counterterrorism Blog via scaramouche considers that this shows again what the key to control for Islamists is – in this case, the control of ideas, thoughts and words of an organization whose target is promoting HR.

On other news related to freedom of expression and Islamists:

a) Danish courts have rejected a suit against Jyllands-Posten about Mohammed cartoons. According to Saudi-based OIC, this rejection will increase “Islamophobia”, that is, fear or dislike of Islam, which they maintain it exists in the West.

b) Also International Amnesty has been accused of protecting two Tunisian guys who wanted to murder Kurt Westergaard, one of the Danish cartoonists.


Written by Claudia

June 26, 2008 at 8:53 pm

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