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The Afghan-Pakistani problem

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An interesting post in IBA about how the situation is evolving:

The kidnapping and later release of several Christians from a hospital, according to some, from their own place of worship according to others (kidnapping about which the Taliban later “apologized“) and the Talibans already making people shut their shops in Peshawar, made the people discuss if a declaration of red state was necessary.

More from Noblesse Oblige:

Bill Roggio has more on the latest predator strike inside Pakistan Saturday that might have been targetting Baitullah. Also note that Pakistan has alluded to a combined arms capability of using unarmed drone guided missles remotely fired from their Helicopter gunships and that some predators do take off from Peshawar.

You can also read Thanos’ comments:

Pakistan knows (…) that the Waziristans are their own little countries right now, they aren’t “semi-autonomous tribal regions” since Baitullah united the Pakistan Taliban into Tehreek Taliban Pakistan. (TTP)

He’s setting up as a regional Warlord in the Waziristans, as has happened many times in the past in that region. (E.G. the most recent Mehsud or Masud uprising was against the British post WW I they came in a series about 1912- 1930 if I recall right, the Brits brought in the Ghurkas to put that down.)


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June 26, 2008 at 8:11 am

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