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Why we should be cautious about NK disarmament

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As I wrote here and here, Kim is not someone who tells the truth… anyway, just let time pass and we will all know what he is asking for handing over the nuclear bombs: Analysis: Complex issues remain on NKorea nukes – Yahoo! News

Past experience suggests North Korea will seek more rewards before it moves further to disarm. If Pyongyang actually hands over the nuclear bombs believed to be in its arsenal — the country’s most valuable bargaining chips — the communist leadership would only do so after a long wish list of demands is granted.

The North has repeatedly shown a talent for brinksmanship, along with a mastery of playing countries against each other. And Pyongyang is just getting started.

So we arrive now at why NK is doing it now: they can be doing it because they are really desperate and want better relations with USA, trying to achieve survival through deceit, using their nuclear arsenal to ask for a better treatment; or they can be telling the truth, because it would not be convenient for them to have nukes if they are going to collapse economically.

I don’t think NK is sincere (it would be the first time), but as I said before, we will see what happens next.

Meanwhile, the HR’s abuses continue. Let us not forget that part.


Written by Claudia

June 27, 2008 at 7:58 pm

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