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Canada’s fight for free speech

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If you want to teach the Bible on homosexuality, you should fulfill these requirements, the most extraordinary of them being:

2. Ask the church to get a signed consent form from everyone, parents and children, everyone, stating that they are not forced to attend and are there of their own free will. Later he added that this consent should be drawn up by a lawyer who is familiar with the Human Rights Laws.

4. The church needs to contact the education people and take a curriculum of the program and demonstrate that it is an educational program.

5. The church needs to contact the police to make sure they do not view the program as bordering on criminal activity—need to show them the curriculum so they know what is going on and do not arrive on the scene.

I would like to ask if those same requirements must be fulfilled by any other event or just by those held by a church. For example, what would happen if this was a political party/a gay parade or just a sport association instead of a church meeting? Would they also ask for all these requirements.

The good news are that the complaint against Mark Steyn and Maclean has been dropped. The bad news are for bloggers who are also on prosecution or could be on the following months, as they can’t afford the best lawyers or the publicity Steyn and Maclean were having inside Canada. Of course, Islamic Congress is dissapointed the Tribunal made this decision without hearing the compelling evidence of hate and the expert testimony they recently presented to the British Columbia Human Rights Commision, in the words of Faisal Joseph, the legal counsel to the Islamic Congress.

There are also bad news for people reading books about terrorism in Ottawa’s airport. Someone can even file a complaint about you.


Written by Claudia

June 28, 2008 at 9:15 am

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