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The “EU powerful enemies”

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France’s minister sees a neocon plot | Certain ideas of Europe |

WHO KNEW? The French Europe minister, Jean-Pierre Jouyet, has declared that American neo-conservatives bear much of the blame for the Irish no vote to the Lisbon Treaty. Speaking to a pro-European jamboree in Lyons on June 21st, Mr Jouyet (a former aide to Jacques Delors recruited by Nicolas Sarkozy for his knowledge of the corridors of Brussels power), offered the following thought:

The fight for Europe is not over, Europe has powerful enemies with deep pockets, as we have seen during the Irish referendum. They come not from Europe, but from the other side of the Atlantic.”

(…) The original allegation came from an Irish member of parliament, Lucinda Creighton, in a statement attacking two businessmen, Declan Ganley and Ulick McEvaddy, who had poured considerable time and money into part of the no campaign. In Ms Creighton’s analysis, they were opposed to Lisbon because it would make Europe stronger, which was
against American strategic interests, and would threaten their contracts with the American military

Instead of blaming anything but the real causes for Ireland to reject the treaty of Lisbon, they should focus on reality: people rejected it because it’s European Constitution no.2, copied from the 1st one… But no, no, it’s all a big conspiracy.

And most people haven’t even seen this video… which shows the real enemies of the EU: corruption and secrecy.

(+) Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler writes about this video:

the journalists, who by the way have special permits to report about the EU Parliament (yes, apparently you need a specific permit to report in the EUrinal), are summarily thrown out by security for the “offense” of showing the EUnuch Overlords in the commission of theft.

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Written by Claudia

June 28, 2008 at 8:45 pm

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  1. […] what’s happening and with no widespread consideration. Meanwhile the European elites are worried about “the neo-con conspiracy which caused the Irish “no” to Lisbon […]

  2. […] is not going to sign it, a conditio sine qua non for the Treaty to be applied in Poland. Must be a US conspiracy too. The challenge of French presidency, “make the citizens love EU” is going to be a […]

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