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In India, the unrest continues

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In a season of discontent, many protests sweep India – International Herald Tribune

Some speculate that India’s weak central government, which is run by an uneasy coalition between the Congress Party and the Left Front, could be contributing to the unrest. Others attribute the upheaval to rapid changes in Indian society.

Whether they are Muslims protesting the plan to build a Hindu temple on forest land (three people killed more than two dozen injured) or Nepali-speaking separatists, they are just trying to desestabilize Indian Government. Today 50 members of an elite anti-insurgency force were sank by “Maoist rebels” and also today Indian Kasmir Government has reversed its decision to hand over some forest land to build a place for Hindu pilgrims, after a week of protests by Muslim followers.

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Written by Claudia

June 29, 2008 at 10:21 pm

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