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Mugabe’s new term

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The Associated Press: Mugabe looks for support at African summit

The African Union summit got under way in this Egyptian Red Sea resort a day after Mugabe was sworn in as president for a sixth term following the widely discredited runoff Friday in which he was the only candidate. Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai withdrew after his supporters became targets of brutal state-sponsored violence.

The campaign was brutal enough, as to arrive in Britain where it involvedsurveillance, threats against family members in Zimbabwe, menacing late-night phone calls and bogus messages saying that fundraising activities are cancelled or disrupted“.

Meanwhile opposition leader Tsvangirai considers that Mugabe must negotiate and looks like the African summit will press Mugabe to do the same.

This is why news like this, make me vomit. Ok, perhaps they are doing that not to be considered racists

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Written by Claudia

June 30, 2008 at 10:26 pm

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