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Spreading Islam… by sex

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There are two very interesting posts on the subject, both considering it by using sexual partnerships, whether it’s through mut’ah or temporary marriage:

I fear that our mut`ah advocate may have hit upon a policy more dangerous to American civilization than WMDs or even the intellectual appeal of Islam purely as a religion: the siren song of sex. Men are notoriously weak in this regard, and if mut`ah is allowed to exist, even sub rosa, how long will it be before irreligious, or even lapsed Christian, American males begin to see the sexual advantages of Shi`i Islam? Some would certainly argue that mut`ah is a more realistic marriage institution for the male of the species than that rather more demanding serial monogamy which Christianity has mandated. And even in these days of rising ethanol demand, a handful of corn is not that hard to come by.

or by pushing modern legal systems to recognise polygamy:

This raises what many consider to be the two major assaults on the Judeo-Christian West today: from without, the push for sharia law; from within, the push to redefine the institution of marriage. Both are major areas of concern, and both must be firmly resisted.

Just don’t try to do it if you are NOT Muslim… or you can get burned. And not by love precisely…

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Written by Claudia

June 30, 2008 at 6:19 pm

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