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Attacks on policemen in Belgium and France

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Covenant Zone blogs about them. First, the assault in Belgium:

5 police officers from Brussels were assaulted by 30 youths, in the Bruparck parking lot in Heysel, on Sunday morning.

Then the attack in France:

Two off-duty police officers were jogging in the Parc de la Feyssine, at Villeurbanne. The police were jogging out of uniform and came upon a group of youths, who started to insult them. To calm down the situation, the two joggers revealed that they were policemen. At that moment they were attacked by the youths, beaten up to the point that one of the police officers needed seven days leave, the other four days leave.

In both attacks they were “youths” involved. Very dangerous what’s happening and with no widespread consideration. Meanwhile the European elites are worried about “the neo-con conspiracy which caused the Irish “no” to Lisbon Treaty”. Amazing…

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Written by Claudia

July 1, 2008 at 6:41 pm

Posted in Freedom, Islamism, politics

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