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Some voices against NK getting de-listed from terrorist states’ list

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The first voice against the agreement is ex-US Ambassador in UN, John Bolton, who has said:

North Korea has consecutively broken every major agreement with the U.S. since the North’s creation. The Bush administration provides no reason why this one will not be added to that long list except the audacity of hope. Where have we heard that recently? Barack Obama and John Kerry both announced support for the deal, and Mr. Obama said he intended to apply Bush’s policy to other rogue states, thus confirming the early start of the Obama administration.
The Feb. 13, 2007, agreement states explicitly that North Korea was to provide “a complete declaration of all nuclear programs” within 60 days. This it manifestly did not do, either in timing or substance.

Not only Bolton does not agree with NK being de-listed from the terrorism sponsors states. FreeKorea doesn’t either:

Neither candidate (McCain -R- and Obama -D-) wants to seem “anti-peace,” nor does either candidate want to associate himself with an obviously weak, insufficient, unverified, and probably unverifiable deal with a flagrantly mendacious regime. Importantly, both candidates are saying they’ll oppose the de-listing of North Korea as a terror sponsor without further substantial performance.
(…) Although I believe the Republicans I quoted above are sincerely opposed to this deal, they’re not the majority and may not even speak for their own party in Congress. Time will tell whether more Republicans will be drawn into the fight, and whether the skepticism of Democrats is real or merely posturing.

Meanwhile NKoreans continue fleeing to SKorea:

The North Koreans have reportedly reacted by keeping a close watch on who boards its fishing boats, and how much fuel they’re putting in the tank.

while SKorea is concerned of NK preparing insurgent attacks on their soil.

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Written by Claudia

July 1, 2008 at 3:55 pm

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