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The ultimate Palestinian weapon

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A bulldozer. Video here.

Just. Freaking. Unbelievable. Le Figaro reports the Palestinian driver has killed four persons and that “a man has phoned to AFP in Ramallah to claim the attack as made by “The Brigades of the Free Men of Galilea”, although it has not been autentified. But he added that the authour of the attack has been Houssam Taysir Dwayat, from Palestinian village of Sour Baher in East Jerusalem. He is married and has two sons, and has already had problems with justice. But the group has also claimed the attack. The same group was the author of an attack against a Talmudic school which caused 8 dead on March 6th in Jerusalem, although that claim was never confirmed“.

Meanwhile, Hamas, after signing a truce with Israel, has, nevertheless, “considered the attack is a natural answer to Israeli aggressions“, although has remarked they did not know anything about their authors.

Then some people tell you all they want is peace.

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Written by Claudia

July 2, 2008 at 2:56 pm

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