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Yemeni regime with links to Al-Qaeda

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Several Yemenis living in US and Canada have written a letter linking the Government of Ali Abdullah with Al Qaeda. The main reason for this is that he has “absolutely refused to implement a decision by the International Security Council to arrest the terrorist Abdulmajid Alzindani and freeze his assets together with others due to their terrorist activities“. And that the regime has released several terrorists, one of them being Jamal Badawi, the main suspect of the destroyer USS Cole in the port city of Aden.

Meanwhile, the USS Cole attack “plotter” charged, according to BBC. The problem is going to be the use of waterboarding to obtain a confession of Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, considered for long time as the real brain who designed the attack. Detained in Guantanamo, the process could be of first importance for the prison itself:

It is not yet clear whether evidence gathered using such techniques as water-boarding will be regarded as admissible in court, or whether the prosecutors will present evidence that does not rely on the physical coercion of detainees.

The case will also raise another equally sensitive legal issue, our correspondent says. The US Supreme Court recently ruled that Guantanamo inmates have the right to challenge the basis of their detention before American civil courts, prompting speculation that the Pentagon might wait for the outcome of those hearings before proceeding.

New English Review explains the real difficulties of the process against him and is not very optimistic about the result.


Written by Claudia

July 2, 2008 at 2:44 pm

Posted in Islamism, terrorism

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