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Chávez confronts Venezuelan Catholic Church

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In a new episode of the “bolivarian revolution” leader Hogo Chávez, he is now confronting the Catholic Church, firstly by linking Venezuelan bishops to violence who allegedly happened where last year’s referendum, lost by Chávez. As Archbishop Luckert said, the accusations are merely an act of desperation. “They are desperate (in the government) and they are looking for enemies where there are none,” he said. “The Bishops’ Conference has never been an enemy but always a friend of Venezuela and collaborates with the government however possible,” the archbishop said. Afterwards, he regretted the lack of seriousness of Chávez’s government to accuse them of such things without presenting any proofs.

And secondly, because Chávez’s supporters have founded the Reformed Catholic Church in Venezuela. Its leaders have aligned themselves publicly with “Bolivarian Socialism” and are receiving financial backing from the government of Hugo Chavez.

Archbishop Luckert has also spoken about those so-called leaders: “The supposed bishop they are going to ordain on July 29 was scandalously living with a woman and her children outside of marriage. His name is Jon Jen Shu Garcia, and he’s a young solider of the National Guard who belongs to the military chaplaincy. The other leader is a former priest who left the priesthood some time ago and married, and during an interview in Panama he said that his vocation was conquered by love. We are dealing with two priests who have resigned.”

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Written by Claudia

July 3, 2008 at 2:29 pm

Posted in Freedom, politics, Religion

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