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Italy: a blogger is condemned because he did not post regularly

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Italian blog KATTOLIKO PENSIERO posts about a blog whose author was condemned because he did not post regularly. The blog, AccadeinSicilia, was considered by the Modica’s Tribunal as a “clandestine newspaper” under the “Reporters’ Act” and was condemned to pay a sum.

For the first time a blog is subjected to a condemnation because its publication is not ruled by the rythmn of the traditional newspapers. A sentence who has arisen the discussion of why it’s so quickly a blog considered as a traditional MSM. The magistrates’ decission, who has not any precedent in Europe, has allarmed the observers.

According to Article 21, the Association who fights for freedom of expression considers that this decission causes a lot of uncertainty. “We normally don’t comment on sentences”, has stated Giuseppe Giuletti, the association’s speaker – but this time we want to point out that it has truly bad effects regarding article 21 of the Constitution and the liberty of the net, in a specially delicate moment for the information, as a prison sentence could have been decreed.

More here about this case. (italian).

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Written by Claudia

July 3, 2008 at 12:44 pm

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