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Taliban’s atrocities

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I wrote about the fight the Talibans are giving outside (and inside) Peshawar, but that’s not the only fight we are seeing there. Talibans are also killing up to 30 shia muslims a day:

“The government and democratic forces in the country should take immediate notice of the killings of innocent Shia Muslims in Kurram Agency and Parachinar where the Taliban are regularly killing 20 to 30 people every day,” said Senator Allama Abbas Kumeli, the JAP president, while addressing the main protest outside Masjid Shah-e-Najaf, Martin Quarters, Jamshed Town.

Read it all.


Written by Claudia

July 3, 2008 at 5:43 pm

Posted in Islamism, terrorism

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  1. […] are good news, because not very long ago, the Talibans were inside Peshawar, killing innocent Shia Muslims, because they didn’t agree with them. Respect and freedom first, heh? Possibly related posts: […]

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