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EU: the fight against the Lisbon Treaty continues

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So after Polish President Kaczynski said that it was pointless to sign it because of Irish “No” and Czech Republic has declared that its ratification must stop, the international reaction has been unanimous: blaming local politics regarding the Polish reaction.

But Sarkozy is not comfortable with this:

As his own spokesman Axel Poniatowski has made clear on his behalf, there is no other choice for the Irish but to hold a second referendum and, regardless of EU and French protestations to the contrary and regardless of whatever emollient nonsense Sarkozy utters in public, behind the scenes Brian Cowen will indeed have to put up with some serious pressure from this angry voyou from Paris to get it right in a second vote and to hold that vote sooner rather than later.

No, he is really not comfortable.

In the end the problem is the total lack of representativeness the EU has.

Of course, Angela Merkel has stated that it’s simply a question of “when” it will be signed.

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Written by Claudia

July 4, 2008 at 9:01 pm

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