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Turkey: a plot against the Government and the process against AKP continues

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Turkish AKP party is under siege. The Turkish Judiciary has accused its leaders, specially Erdogan and Gül, of trying to impose Sharia on the Kemalist-“laic” country. The Army, answering the Constitution’s call to defend the “laic” character of the State, have given several coup d’état during the XXth century to prevent the country to become an Islamist country. The Turkish Prosecutor has already accused them of supporting political Islam. So AKP has had an idea: just accuse 24 people of trying to give another coup d’ètat and arrest them. Among the accused there are two retired Turkish army generals. The arrests came just hours before Turkey’s chief prosecutor went to the ­constitutional court to set out his case that the ruling in which has its roots in political Islam, should be shut down because it is trying to impose sharia law.

So it’s entirely legitimate to question if these the arrested are political prisoners or plotters. And also it’s legitimate to point out the important responsibility of the European Union in these developments because of it’s support of AKP:

In the meantime, journalists opposed to the AK Party have been harassed and many, if not most of those detained, are being held without charge. Still, Europe supports the AK Party as “democractic” and “liberal”. Really? What democracy condones imprisoning people without charge for months on end? In which European country are such high profile arrests made without indictments or charges at the ready?

This is particularly striking considering that EU has even considered introducing in its constitution the “European Christian roots“, something which is only History and does not have any effect on present state of affairs. The reason for that is that EU considers that would against “its secular character“. And at the same time, they are supporting an Islamist party.

European Union’s (non-)logic it’s called.

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Written by Claudia

July 4, 2008 at 5:27 pm

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  3. […] A plot against the Government and the process against the AKP continues. […]

  4. […] A plot against the Government and the process against the AKP continues. […]

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