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Slaves in Belgium

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The widow of a UAE’s prince lived in Konrad Hotel (Belgium) where she had rented the “royal suite” (the most luxurious of all, price: 4,500 € per day) and the rest of the floor (53 rooms) for her and her daughters. What the police found was that they had been keeping 17 girls as slaves during the last 8 months, who couldn’t even go out of the floor and whose passports had been locked away to prevent them from fleeing.

Everything was discovered after one of the girls managed to flee and denounced everything to the police:

Jamila explains that the widow had promised her to be her cook in Abu Dhabi. Five months after beginning to work for her, he was sent to Brussles, where she was working all day, except the three-hour sleep she was allowed. She never had gone out of the hotel.

She added that there were two rooms: one for the Catholic servants and another for the Muslim ones.

The servants had been recruited in the Philippines, Morocco, Indita, Egypt, Turkey, Irak and Syria.

She also believes the managers knew what was going on, but they have denied it.

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Written by Claudia

July 5, 2008 at 7:56 pm

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