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Al-Qaeda’s safe havens

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Right now, those safe havens for terror training are Pakistan, Somalia (where the pirates are just profiting also of the total lack of Government that it’s been totally absent for some time now) and Argelia. Precisely the NYT published an interview with the leader of Al-Qaeda for an Islamic Maghreb (former GSPC), Abdelmader Droukdal:

The New York Times: What have you gained from your relation with Al Qaeda, and conversely what has Al Qaeda gained from your joining?

Abdelmalek Droukdal: As we mentioned in our previous answer that our joining to Al Qaeda wasn’t a deal that we try to gain something out of it, as many of those who call themselves experts in jihadi groups promote. In reality, they are way far from the real understanding of the jihadi ancestral movement (¡!) We say that we realized and we got from this joining many goals. The most important one is that we believe that we won and acquired the pleasure of God by following his order. God’s says “hold on to the rope of God and do not be dispersed.” If there was nothing to realize from this joining except following the order of this verse, we would never hesitate to do so.

Secondly, we realized a condition and a reason for victory. If difference and division are causes of weakness and defeat as it was mentioned in our religion “And fall into no disputes, lest ye lose heart and your power departs.” (Koran: Chapter 8, Verse 46). Unity is a reason of strength and victory. This is a universal norm that even the infidels are aware of. All these mass-groupings and the international alliances are proof of that. We Muslims must be the ones who apply this universal norm.

Thirdly, by this unity we brought grief and sorrow to our enemies the Jews and apostates and crusaders.

Meanwhile Morocco has arrested 35 people, accused of being recruiters for Al-Qaeda to carry out operations in Iraq and Algeria.

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