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Canadian anti-freedom of speech: More cases ignored by MSM

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Few newspapers outside Alberta have reported the story (about Mr. Boissoin, more here). Yet it is a story of national importance. It involves a government agency penalizing a person financially for commenting on matters of public interest and seeking to make him a pariah in his community. Worse, it involves a government agency stripping a Canadian citizen of his freedom to speak his mind. That government agency, moreover, is a human rights commission, and so has siblings all across the country.

(…) The case of Stephen Boissoin is not the only case being ignored by main-stream media. Peace, Earth and Justice News, an online journal, has been harassed by the BC Human Rights Commission. A complaint against Catholic Insight magazine was only recently dropped by the Canadian Human Rights Commission, after costing the magazine $20,000. The mayor and town counsellors of Truro have been frogmarched into sensitivity training by the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission. This case, having to do with the town’s refusal to fly a gay pride flag and the mayor’s comments on the matter, is particularly important, for the commission has usurped both the prerogative of Truro’s elected officials to set policy and the responsibility of Truro’s citizens to discipline—or not—those officials, as they see fit. No doubt this bit of meddling will boost our politicians’ resolve to speak to us candidly.

(…) It might be that Canadians would be outraged by the remedy issued in the Stephen Boissoin case if they knew of it, but it is also possible that Canadians don’t much care. The shallow and sporadic coverage assaults on freedom of expression get in the main-stream media could well reflect accurately the level of concern Canadians have for this issue. After all, censorship is nothing new in Canada. Group defamation laws appeared in this country as early as the 1930s. Maybe we’re used to it. Maybe most of us accept it.

Stephen Boissoin’s blog.

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