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Pakistan: pro-Taliban militias establish Sharia courts

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From ADNKronos:

Pro-Taliban militants in Pakistan have established Sharia or Islamic courts in the Bajaur tribal region which borders Afghanistan. A large number of people are believed to be waiting to use the courts established by the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan in order to resolve disputes instead of waiting for action by the tribal administration. The courts have been functioning for a couple of weeks in the Sewai area, about 20 kilometres northwest of Khar, the regional headquarters of Bajaur tribal region.

About two dozen ulema or Muslim legal scholars have been designated as Qazis or judges ruling in accordance with Sharia or Islamic religious law. “We have set up the courts in accordance with people’s wishes,” said Taliban spokesman Maulvi Umar, adding that people were fed up with the previous legal system. He said that the Qazis were “competent scholars well versed in Islamic jurisprudence”.

This is published the same day that it’s also published that Pakistani Talibans have vowed to continue Jihad against Westerners in the country.

I’m afraid that when the time comes, the inhabitants will simply go out, and welcome the Taliban“:

According to sources in Pakistan’s academic circles, the worse prospects become for the future of young people and the more illiteracy there is, the more young men will be willing to volunteer to become jihadists. Indeed, on a recent morning in Akora Khattak, a dusty little town 29 miles to the southeast of Peshawar, a group of nine-year-olds from the Waziristan tribal area were standing outside in the summer heat at the infamous Darul Uloom Haqqania madrasa, which in Pakistan is also known as the “University of Jihad.” They call out to passersby with a childlike mixture of pride and defiance: “We are Taliban! We are mujahedin! “We are al-Qaida!”

Some 4,000 students are instructed here free of charge and, on graduation, are awarded government-recognized qualifications. It’s not clear where the money comes from to support the school. The training its students receive is, on the other hand, very clear. The madrasa, run by Sami ul-Haq — often referred to as the “Father of the Taliban” — is seen as an incubator of radical Islamists.

That University of Jihad, that is, the Darul Uloom Haqqania madrassa is where the Deobandi sect was founded. Much more fundamentalist than Wahabbies, it controls actually more than 600 mosques in Britain, 17 of 26 Muslim seminaries and teaches 80% of home-trained clerics in the country. They were also the group behind the London mega-mosque and pursue the Islamic triumph over the rest of the “enemies of Islam”.

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