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Jihad: the founding texts of Islam face to face with modern world

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From ExtremeCentre (the book is in French but it’s interesting to consider its contents anyway):

The book — Le Jihâd: les textes fondateurs de l’Islam face à la modernité — makes a perfect symbiosis between an strictly academic work, of which it maintains accurate arguments, serious sources and the control of quality, and a book which can be read by anyone, as …., of clear ideas and the present elements are chosen pertinently.

It shows, then the “main role of Jihad in the birth and development of Islam, regarded both as a religion and as a civilization” and lightens also the influence of this element of Islamic religion in the Muslims who revisit today, in the XXIth century, the origins of their faith in those sacred texts.

(…) The appeasement policy that has prevails till today and which has done nothing but feeding the Munich complex of Westerners and the Islamic spirit of conquest, must be abandoned. A policy of firmness must be enforced, excluding all unilateral concessions, out of fear to displease the Muslim community in the West. Because the survival of the West depends on it.

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