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Gay Parades: some photos

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The people who demand constantly respect normally are not working to own it from the rest of the world. And a clear example of this are Gay Parades: I don’t see how someone can consider that they increase the respect for homosexuals by behaving like this.

BCF has sent me the last of them:

B’nai Brith Canada has contacted the organizers of Toronto’s Pride Parade to protest the inclusion of an Israel Apartheid banner promoting hatred against the Jewish State. The Jewish human rights organization has also called on organizers to reject this hate-filled messaging by taking concrete steps to ensure that such banners do not form part and parcel of next year’s parade.

In Spain, the banner was against the President of the Catholic Bishop’s Conference, Cardinal Rouco Varela, amid several other banners asking to put an end to the Monarchy or against right-wingers or priests:

The banner goes “The Inquisition’s boss in the XXIth century. We demand respect“, while at the same time Mr. Rouco appears as if he was been burned.

Lastly, the most striking ones, from San Francisco Gay Pride Parade, courtesy of Bookworm Room. Caution: these photos can be considered pornographic by some people. I just consider them of very bad taste. As BR writes:

As for me, I think I would be very much more sympathetic to the Gay rights and Gay pride movement if it would observe a “less is more” philosophy.  When one adds to the fact that I’ve always been a bit of a prude the fact that I’m now a mother, I see in myself less and less sense of fellowship with a group that’s gone from being downtrodden to being a group that flaunts its often extreme sexuality in the very streets on which my little ones walk.  A gay lawyer is someone with whom I can identify.  A gay genital binder who uses a social/political parade to demonstrate his sexual preferences just offends me.

I’m also a supporter of “less is more” phylosophy. And in this case, I’m also a supporter of “if you want me to respect you, just dress and behave accordingly to the respect you want me to have”.

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Written by Claudia

July 10, 2008 at 1:29 pm

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