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Sarkozy, making the Irish sign the Lisbon Treaty, whether they like it or not

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“If we want further enlargement, and I want it, we need new institutions,” Sarkozy told the European Parliament, claiming that an EU with more than its current 27 members cannot function without changes to the way it is run.

Sarkozy said he will go to Ireland on July 21 to seek a solution, but warned there would be no renegotiation of the Lisbon Treaty — designed to smooth out and speed up the bloc’s decision-making — which was voted down by the Irish referendum.

He denied trying to “blackmail” the Irish, but his insistence that Croatia and other candidates for EU membership will be prevented from joining adds to pressure on Dublin to call a second referendum on the treaty before elections to the European Parliament in a year’s time.

Doesn’t matter the opinion against it of Germany, Czech Republic, Poland and the Irish. What really puzzles me is that, when France rejected the EU Constitution (and the Netherlands), the rest of the Europeans should forget it, even if they have voted for it. Now that France does not held a referendum (it would be interesting to see the results if it did), then no one can vote against and Sarkozy (and the rest of the EU busibodies), can blackmail the Irish (yes, it is blackmail).

But this doesn’t matter: some moonbat intelligent guy is suggesting that “there is collective remorse in Ireland” and telling how to win the second referendum. EU Referendum points out what the plan is:

This just re-states the game plan, putting Cowen in the “hot seat”, to let him “spontaneously” decide that the Irish actually want a second referendum – which will then carried out in the Spring, in time for the “colleagues” then to celebrate full ratification of the treaty before the euro-elections.


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Written by Claudia

July 11, 2008 at 11:46 pm

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