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The last “great” idea of pro-abortion supporters in Austria

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Human Life International has issued an international call for help. The supporters of this pro-life NGO have been suffering a different kind of harrasment payed by pro-abortion supporters: they have been sexually harrassed by criminals payed for that purpose, while they were praying outside the abortion clinics. The crimes have been recorded and can be seen in these videos (one is in Spanish, the other in German but the images are sufficiently explicit, the English video is no longer available):

The responsible of this idea is Christian Fiala, the director of the abortion clinic Gynmed and he is also the President of the International Federation of Associated Abortion and Contraception Professionals. He says he has payed for “agents” to make pro-lifers flee from the scene. “For defensive reasons I have contracted agents on repeated occasions to stop the activity of anti-abortion activists“. Praying pro-lifers are so menacing, you see, he must pay “agents” to stop them. Were you losing money because of this menacing-praying-pro-lifers, Mr. Fiala?

And the worst is that Austrian police is doing nothing to prevent this harrasment of pro-lifers, which takes place in the street.

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