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Honor Killing in Pakistan: the woman was suspected of “having bad character”

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The Inquirirer reports (via VH) on this story, in which the real reason was that the woman had not given birth to a baby boy:

A man in a small Pakistani town killed his Danish sister-in-law because he suspected her of having a “bad character“, police Tuesday said.

Faisal Bashir shot dead 31-year-old Tahira Bibi, who was of Pakistani origin, local police official Mohammad Shahbaz Cheema told Agence France-Presse.

“It’s a case of honor killing as Faisal suspected his brother’s wife had bad character,” Cheema said.

He added that police arrested Faisal, his two brothers and father after a complaint by the parents of Tahira, who settled in Kharian — 150 kilometers (93 miles) northwest of Lahore — after marrying Mohammad Shehbaz 10 years ago.

Her parents accused Shehbaz of asking his family to kill Tahira for not delivering him a baby boy.

However, Faisal told us during interrogation that he shot dead his brother’s wife in June after receiving numerous anonymous phone calls that she had a bad character,” Cheema added.

Sometimes I receive phone calls telling me you have a bad character. So I kill you.

Another moron. Absolutely stupid (not fool, this man knew perfectly well what he was doing). And yes, I believe as much more probable reason to kill her that thing about not delivering a baby boy. Do they know something about genetics? Because it’s the men’s sperma the one who decides the sex of the baby. Oh, yeah, I know, she had a bad character.

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  2. […] Honor Killing in Pakistan: the woman was suspected of “having bad character”. […]

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