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Turkey: Four men detained in US Consulate attack

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NYT reports it:

Several Turkish news outlets have speculated that Al Qaeda was involved in the attack, with claims that at least one of the gunmen received arms training in Afghanistan.

NTV, a private news television, said that Erkan Kargin, 26, one of the gunmen who was killed at the consulate, had been sentenced for his membership to IBDA-C, an illegal fundamentalist group here.

The two other assailants, Bulent Cinar, 23, and Raif Topcil, lived on the same street in Istanbul, and the police confiscated a number of publications and documents with unidentified religious content at their apartments, the same report said.

Video thanks to Vicki.

From Los Angeles Times:

Their profiles are similar to those of young men involved in Al Qaeda-inspired attacks: uneducated, poor, not known to be devout until they met a charismatic ‘elder brother.’

(…) Officials said they were looking at the possibility that Kargin, 26, the oldest of the three attackers, had recruited the younger two and organized the assault. But his distraught family said they doubted he had been the ringleader.

“He was mentally unbalanced — he was having treatment at the mental health clinic,” said a man who answered the door at the family home. He identified himself as an older brother but did not want his name used. “I don’t believe he was responsible for planning this.”

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Written by Claudia

July 12, 2008 at 6:59 pm

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