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Persecution of Christians in the Muslim world: examples

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Yesterday I posted about Islamist Global War on Christianity.Today JW reports about the situation of Christians in Islamic countries:

Plight of Christians in Iraq continues to worsen: After explaining the articles of Iraqi Constitution which refer to Sharia Law, it says that “Iraqi Christians have continued to find themselves in the cross hairs of faith-inspired violence. The worst episodes have occurred in regions with diverse ethnic and religious groups, such as Baghdad and Mosul, where the majority of Iraq’s Christians live. The State Department reported last year that Muslim extremists “warned Christians living in Baghdad’s Dora district to convert, leave or be killed.

Peshawar’s Christians under threat from Taliban encroachmentAccording to the Voice of the Martyrs, Taliban militants seized the Christians. Last week as they were in prayer at a child dedication service. the service was held in a former Madrassa Islamic school. Some of the Christians were beaten. Cell phones, money and personal possessions were stolen from them. The Taliban abductors demanded that the group’s pastor convert to Islam. He refused.

Iran: persecuting Christians: Iranian authorities have detained two converts to Christianity in the southern city of Shiraz for eight weeks on suspicion of “apostasy,” or leaving Islam. In Iran, apostasy is a crime that can be punishable by death. Mahmood Matin, 52, and Arash Bandari, 44, remain imprisoned in a secret police detention center (…) A draft penal code under discussion in Iran’s parliament this month may make the death penalty obligatory for those who leave Islam or use the Internet to encourage others to do so.

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  1. […] Persecution of Christians in Muslim countries: some examples. […]

  2. […] Persecution of Christians in Muslim countries: examples. […]

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