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Spain: 8 immigrants detained in Navarra accused of raping a 18-year-old girl

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La Voz

According to a communiqué issued by the Police, investigations show that the deeds took place in the night  of last June 28’s during the local holidays in Barañáin, when a group of youths were with the victim, “just taking advantage of the somewhat drunk state of the victim”, carried her to an isolated place near Cendea de Zizur st., where several raped her.

After being cared in the local hospital and informed about her rights as the victim, the girl stated she had been raped. The police then began the investigations, who had led to the authors. The detained are 23-year-old MFCC who had already been detained twice and 18-year-old DAVR, both of them from Ecuador, and other 6 boys, minors, coming from Ecuador (2), Colombia (2), Bolivia (1) and Russia (1).

Does this mean ALL immigrants in Spain are rapists? No, it just means that, if it’s proved they actually raped this girl, they are rapists. The most worrying thing for me is that 6 out of 8 were actually minors.

Meanwhile in Italy, the public opinion is horrified with the photo of the murdered 23-year-old Italian, Federica Squarisse, being kissed some hours before the murder by Uruguayan Víctor Díaz, nicknamed “The Fat, the main suspect of her murder. The murder took place in Lloret de Mar (Tarragona, Spain).

Una de las fotos de Federica con su presunto asesino, emitida por el canal italiano Sky. Foto: EFE

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July 13, 2008 at 12:50 pm

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