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UK: biological weapons are worst threat to security

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National Terror Alert:

The government will be warned later this year of the significant threat posed to British security by biological weapons.

A warning of the profound security implications of the worldwide biotechnology revolution is expected to be a key tenet of a major counterterrorism report out later this year.

The Institute for Public Policy Research’s (IPPR) national security commission, which is co-chaired by Lord Ashdown and Lord Robertson, is not due to reveal its initial findings until its interim report in October.

But the commission’s deputy chair Ian Kearns, deputy director at the IPPR, spoke to to outline what the commission was expecting to offer advice on.

He said the potential to use disease as a weapon and advances in biotechnology were major worries.

“We need to be resilient to biological terrorism and to the potential use of biological weapons,” he told

So what? Are the public being prepared for that possibility? Or are they just telling this because it is a good title for a press conference?

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