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Cassandra at Politeia:

Geert Wilders, Dutch MP and producer of the short film “Fitna,” a video document which explains the perils of Sharia law for democratic values (can be seen here), has received a summons from a lawyer to pay radical imam Fawaz Jneid before next Sunday an advance payment of EUR 20,000 in compensation for damages the imam suffered through accusations Wilders made against him in “Fitna.” In total the damages claimed amount to EUR 55,000.

Prime Minister Balkenende, currently attending the Sarkozy ‘Club Med’ circus in Paris, will come to speak with Jordan’s PM about the Jordanian decision to seek Wilders’ prosecution through the kingdom’s Courts.

Read the rest in her blog.

If you haven’t added your blog to the Blogburst in support of Harry’s Place, do it as soon as possible: Harry must know there are people who support him. Thanks.

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Written by Claudia

July 14, 2008 at 7:34 pm

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