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Italy’s Terry Schiavo ordered to remove feeding tube

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From Zenit:

Milan’s appeals court authorized Eulana Englaro’s father to remove his daughter’s feeding tube, who has been in a state of coma since 1992.

The decision, in what has become known as the “Italian Terry Schiavo” case, has been strongly criticized by several bioethical and medical associations, which agree that it is a case of active euthanasia, and not a question of interrupting a disproportionate treatment.

Critics of the ruling affirm that 37-year-old Englaro’s agony might be a long and painful death.

Englaro was 16 when she was involved in a car crash. The impact smashed her skull and broke her neck. Although the doctors doubted she would survive, within three months she was breathing on her own.

The Scienza e Vita association issued a harsh statement expressing its “bitterness and astonishment” in regard to the case, because “it legitimizes the death of a human being, depriving her of the most elemental things: nourishment and hydration.”

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Written by Claudia

July 14, 2008 at 6:05 pm

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