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What side of the Jihad is China on?

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I posted some days ago about the jihad in China and two days ago China has announced that has executed two ethnic Uighurs (who are the Muslim Chinese ethnic group -that is, Muslims can be of another ethnic group but Uighurs are religiously Muslim) and has jailed another 15. The exectued men were identified as Mukhtar Setiwaldi and Abduweli Imin.

But after that I read this:

The American Spectator writes about China’s 30-million-strong Muslim community:

For, in truth, the Islamic Jihadists of China’s Xinjiang are linked to the Taliban in Afghanistan and Al Qaeda. Their terrorist methods and ideology are of a piece with the larger Islamic Jihadist goal to overthrow existing governments and install a religious theocracy. They, in fact, represent the Chinese battlefront of the worldwide Islamic Jihad.

Here, Bill Gertz says, “China’s military has provided training for Afghanistan’s Taliban militia and its al Qaeda supporters, according to a U.S. intelligence report.

The training of the Taliban forces took place before September 11. It was carried out in cooperation with Pakistan’s ISI intelligence service, defense officials told us.

Related reading; US government turns blind eye to China’s humanitarian abuses -except when there are Muslims involved.

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  1. […] minority call on the international community to boycott the Beijing Olympic games. What side of the Jihad is China on? Previously there was The Al Qaeda – China Tie. The oil and petrochemical sector […]

  2. […] So now, some Uighur Muslim says they threaten the Olympics. The “curious” thing is that Uighurs want independence and have not often before claimed anything related to Jihad. And CHina has been sending weapons to the Talibans before Sept 11 and to Sudan till 2005, even […]

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