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Moratinos wants Barcelona to held Secretary offices of Euro-Med

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Some days ago, I posted about the Euro-Mediterranean Union’s economic consequences for Europe. Now, Spanish FM, Moratinos, wants Barcelona to be “the Euro-Mediterranean capital”:

Moratinos said that he had detected a “favorable climate” between his euromediterranean homologues to name Barcelona as the city in which the Euro-Med Secretary will have its offices. He is also convinced that a consensus can be created to make Barcelona’s candidacy the elected when the decision is taken in November.

During the meeting held previously to the ceremony of the Euro-Med’s creation, Moratinos presented officially Barcelona’s candidacy, which will have to compete with Malta, Morocco and Tunisia. Spanish PM, Zapatero, has also asked this afternoon to the leaders of both sides of the Mediterranean to elect Barcelona as the city to hold the Secretary’s offices.

Spanish people can just forget about that possibility…. and in case they got it… how much will Spain have to pay for it?

Moratinos explained that there were some problems, regarding the final statement of the meeting, about which no solution had been reached. Those “little difficulties” deal with, he continued, the statute of “Observer of the Arab League” and the iniciative of Arab peace. But Moratinos said he was convinced that, thanks to “the possitive spirit”, that exists within the meeting, an agreement will be reached about those subjects too.

Moratinos in Wonderland…

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