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Turkey: survey reveals honor killings perpetrators are not rejected by society

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Zaman via Dive Desk:

A study being conducted by a team from Dicle University in the Southeast on honor killings has so far shown that little if any social stigma is attached to the act.

(…) Causes of honor killings vary. “It is not appropriate to associate honor killings with only one section of society. Some people think that it is related to a feudal structure, but this has proven to be false. There are also perpetrators who are well-educated university graduates. Of all those surveyed, 60 percent are either high school or university gradates or at the very least, literate. The victims of honor killing are not always women; males have also been targeted,” Bağlı says.

He also drew attention to a misperception in the society concerning the motive. “These murders are not motivated by rumors such as ‘she wore blue jeans,’ ‘she sent an SMS to her boyfriend’ or ‘she went to the park.’” Suggesting an illegitimate sexual relationship as the primary reason for the murders, Bağlı said cheating is an unforgivable act in the Southeast, even for a woman who “cheats” after divorcing her husband by remarrying.

“The ultimate punishment in such a situation is death. Both the groom’s and the bride’s families agree on this. Murder becomes inevitable when honor is at stake and turning to murder in such a situation is seen as a respectable act by the society,” he said.

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July 17, 2008 at 2:18 pm

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  1. […] Then it goes on with the normal mumbling about “not being in Islamic traditions”. Well, then Muslims have a problem because in a nearly 100 percent of honor killings Muslims are involved and they keep on saying that the reason is that the woman is not a good Muslim. In Turkey the perpetrators are even praised for what they have done: […]

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