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Spain: Alleged Nazi camp guards to be judged in Spain

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Spain’s National Court agreed Friday to review evidence in a lawsuit filed against four alleged former Nazi concentration camp guards.

A decision by the court to file charges in the case could lead to the four men’s extradition from the United States to face trial over the deaths of Spanish citizens.

The lawsuit — filed on behalf of victims’ relatives by Brussels-based rights group Equipo Nizkor — asks the court to charge the four with genocide and other crimes. It names John (Iwan) Demjanjuk, Anton Tittjung, Josias Kumpf and Johann Leprich as defendants.

Judge Ismael Moreno said Friday that his court would review the evidence in the suit, which claims the suspects served as guards in concentration camps at Flossenberg and Sachsenhausen, in Germany, and Mauthausen, in Nazi-occupied Austria.

The case states that more than 7,000 Spaniards were incarcerated at Mauthausen, and at least 4,300 of them killed, the judge said in a statement. Most Spaniards who ended up in Nazi camps were leftist Republicans who fled to France during the Spanish Civil War and were captured while fighting German troops.

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Written by Claudia

July 18, 2008 at 11:37 pm

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