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Salafism also grows in Palestine

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They consider Hamas is not the “true vision of Islam“… and Hamas’ terrorists are defecting for this other “true vision of Islam”. Another “holy war” between true visions of Islam like Hamas against Fatah?:

Salafis — sometimes referred to as Wahhabis — dream of a world before Islam became cluttered with new innovations and cultural influences. They seek to live a pious, god-fearing life governed by the laws of religion, a life resembling those of the original Muslims. At first glance, such a belief system doesn’t differ much from that of other utopian sects — were it not for their ideas related to holy war. To make their vision a reality, Abu Mustafa and his men are willing to fight — and they are willing to slaughter innocent bystanders.

“Look,” says Abu Mustafa, whose beard cascades down his chest, “there will be three possibilities. Some will find their way to Islam. Those who don’t want to convert will be able to live in peace under the authority of Islam.” For those who don’t want to accept the hegemony of Islam, however, holy war is the only recipe. “Then we have to fight — just like our brothers on Sept. 11,” Abu Mustafa says.

The attacks on New York and Washington, D.C. seven years ago were a response to the contempt held for Islam by the Western world, he says. “If Muslims are attacked anywhere in the world, one has to hit back, and it doesn’t matter where.” Salafist Islam is like a cat, he says. “It is very friendly, but if it is attacked, it turns into a tiger.”

(…) Abu Mustafa has a degree from the University of Saarbrücken in Germany’s far west. For seven years, until 2000, he studied chemical engineering and led a largely normal student existence. He had periodic jobs with a moving company or in construction, and he occasionally cooked up Palestinian specialties for other students living in the dormitory. “I miss Germany,” he says. He’s even looked on Google Earth for the street where he used to live and the cafeteria where he used to eat.

He explains that he was largely accepted in Germany and found people there to be quite friendly. The only problems came about when he encountered scantily clad women or fellow students who spent much of their time in clubs and bars. He says such experiences rooted him even deeper in his beliefs. “It would be better for such people were they to follow the pure Islam,” he says. “We are going to try and bring the faith to them.”

The Salafi warns that Germany, by supporting Israel and participating in operations in Afghanistan, is a clear target for his fellow Islamists. He claims he himself would never move against his “second home,” but he warns that “Germany should be afraid of being attacked.”

Interesting that it doesn’t matter that he was treated well in Germany and that he is a University graduate (so no personal aggrievances, no discrimination and no illiterate man). The important thing for him is that women were not veiled and men were spending too much time in clubs and bars… and that Germany helps Israel (wow… how pro-Zionist) and has troops in Afghanistan… so Germany, beware!!

Just to remind some people: those are the same people who are growing in numbers in Catalonia, Spain. Marvellous hein?

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Written by Claudia

July 19, 2008 at 7:18 pm

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