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The multiculturalism or the Trojan horse of Islamism

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Le multiculturalisme, ou le cheval de Troie de l’islamisme, par Pierre-André Taguieff – Point de bascule

Le multiculturalisme, ou le cheval de Troie de l’islamisme, par Pierre-André Taguieff (directeur de recherche au CNRS, Paris), dans Observatoire du communautarisme, le 5 mai 2008.

We must question ourselves about a paradox where the geopolitical consecuences can be enormous: an important percentage of the populations of Muslim culture living in the Western countries and who want to live here, show special hostility towards the Western civilization and, at the same time, special simpathy for Jihado-terrorists. But it’s in the countries where the multiculturalism has been institutionalised, where the principle of “unconditional respect towards all cultural identities” has been built as a law, where the Muslim opinion is more aligned with the Islamists’ positions. The promoters of the idea of a “postnational citizenship” have strongly contributed to legitimize the multiculturalism as a way of “policy of the recognition”.

(…) The most radical version of the multiculturalism is illustrated by the Dutch policy of the “pillarization”, presented as a way to assure tolerance respecting religions, with different educational systems, different social services, different unions for Catholics, Protestants and secularised communities. The shock caused by the Pim Fortuyn’s murder (May 6th, 2002), followed by Theo van Gogh’s one (Nov 1st, 2004), both of them engaged in a combat that they thought was against the “islamization” of the country, made a lot of people see the bad effects of multiculturalism, a priviledged ground for Islamist propaganda.

In Great Britain, the Netherlands and Canada are among the Western countries more affected by an intense fundamentalist islamization. The moderate multiculturalism that exists in Great Britain has been defined in 1966, not without innocence, by Roy Jenkins, then Home Office’s Secretary as “cultural diversity, mixed with equality of opportunities, in an atmosphere of mutual tolerance”. After the Islamist terrorist attacks of London, (July 2005), the British people have begun to consider the dangers present in multiculturalism in the time of global Jihadist terrorism.

The institutioned multiculturalism, that is the multicommunitarism, transforms the right to be different in the obligation of belonging to an identity of origin which is both supposed and imposed on the people. Its supporters have contributed greatly to the confusion in the antiracist media in confusing racism with opposing multiculturalism. So every critic of multiculturalism is automatically under suspicion of being a racist.

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  1. […] but those countries are not supporting multiculturalism are […]

  2. The blame squarely rests on the leftist/populist/capitalist governments who advocated unfettered immigration of Muslim peoples into European cities. Nations are organic bodies that are determined by who populates them. When you invite in a people who do not share your cultural/religious viewpoint, do not bellyache when trouble brews.


    July 22, 2008 at 3:18 am

  3. Well, Governments didn’t want to be labelled as “racists” so instead of stopping immigration, they even favoured illegal immigration because “in their home countries they are having a bad time”, while huge quantities of money are being spent on development, without any control of course. This is not an excuse, this is even a “publicity asset” for the Government who favours it: “we are not racists, not as….“.
    And well, normal citizens are also influenced by that propaganda. If you contradict that kind of statement you are going to be labelled immediately as a racist, something is not really agreeable.


    July 22, 2008 at 6:41 am

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