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UK prime minister acknowledges aide lost Blackberry during trip in China

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The British prime minister’s office says a senior aide lost his BlackBerry phone during an official trip to China in January.

But it has denied a report in the Sunday Times that the phone was stolen in a suspected Chinese intelligence operation.

The newspaper alleges that the aide reported the phone lost after leaving a party at a hotel disco with an attractive Chinese woman.

The newspaper cites an unnamed official as saying the loss bears the hallmarks of a “honeytrap.”

So he left a party with an “attractive Chinese woman” and after he “reported the phone lost”, phone which must have important information because if not nothing would have been said. He didn’t say (of course) what he did in the middle, but you don’t need to be very imaginative, do you?

No, hummm, no honeytrap. Right…

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July 21, 2008 at 12:19 pm

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