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Explosives and detonators are stolen in France (more)

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What they don’t know is who has stolen them:

French anti-terrorist officers are searching for 28kg (61lb) of Semtex explosive missing from a depot in the suburbs of the city of Lyon.

France’s interior ministry confirmed an investigation was underway, saying the manager of the site had been suspended.

Semtex is a powerful explosive favoured by terrorist groups as it is odourless and difficult to detect.

Police said detonators were also missing and that they are treating the theft “very seriously”.

The depot, in a disused 19th century fort at Corbas, is used for storing explosives by a civil defence unit charged with the job of blowing up bombs and ammunition left over from the two world wars.

Police said the discovery that the Semtex was missing was made on Friday but admitted the explosives could have been taken up to a week ago.

From El Norte de Castilla:

The Antiterrorist Subdirector (SDAT) and the regional service of judicial police of Lyone are in charge of the investigation, but have stated there is “no clue” leading to believe that the theft was done by ETA or any other terrorist organization, according to sources.

The Basque terrorist organization has robbed explosives in the past in France, but in nearly all of those occassions the commandos operated in private firms’ deposits, kidnapping temporarily their workers, bosses or their relatives.

From La Sexta:
As the security of the building has revealed as insufficient, the Interior Minister, Michèle Alliot-Marie, has sacked immediately the director of the facility and has ordered an internal investigation, according to an statement from her Ministery.
The 28 kilos stolen from the facility are only a very tiny part of the explosives held in that place, according to sources of the investigation.
We will see how this develops in the near future. Anyway it’s interesting to note that ETA has already claimed credit for 5 bombs which exploded on Northern Spain… only four or five days after the explosives’ theft. Coincidence?
(more) Bob McCarthy has posted about this, pointing out there was no mention of it in US media.

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Written by Claudia

July 22, 2008 at 12:59 pm

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