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Mehbooba Andyar: the Afghan runner trying to escape from the Taliban

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She disappeared some days ago and people were worried because, just for being a runner, she had been receiving death threats:

Mehbooba Andyar’s choice to compete in a head scarf and full-length, body-covering running suit could not spare her from Taliban taunts and threats. The Afghan middle-distance runner nonetheless trekked on and was on the verge of realizing her Olympic dream. But now Andyar — slated to be the only female Afghan athlete at the Beijing Games — has gone missing from her training site just weeks before the opening ceremonies.

(…) One possible explanation is that the 19-year-old may be seeking asylum somewhere in Europe, following repeated threats and humiliation from Muslim extremists, including false rumors that she was a prostitute.

She has resurfaced now only to announce that she is in her way to Norway, where she will be seeking asylum. Something entirely normal considering this:

Although Ahdyar always ran in a headscarf and wore long tracksuit bottoms she still received death threats from extremists who objected to a Muslim woman taking part in sports at all.

When she received visits from Western media earlier this year, her neighbors called the police telling them she was obviously a prostitute working for foreign clients. Her father, a carpenter, even spent time in jail until the issue was cleared up.

Absolutely. Disgusting. And. Shameful.

We will see if Norway has the guts to confront the Taliban for protecting this brave woman.

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Written by Claudia

July 22, 2008 at 2:04 pm

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