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Emirates detain and deport homosexuals in campaign to “protect their values”

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ABU DHABI.-The Emirates’ authorities have detained in their beaches and stores 40 homosexuals and have ordered their deportation from the Arab country. Most of them were Western and Asiatic. The newspaper Al Emirat Al Youm informed about the crackdown in its webpage.

The arrests took place in Dubai, the commercial center of the country, in an ongoing campaign against “indecent actions“, which began some weeks ago under the slogan “We protect our values”.

Sources from Dubai’s police pointed out that most of the arrested are “Asiatic or Western nationals” who were there on a trip.

After being interrogated under suspicion of “perpetrating immoral actions“, the General Prosecutor ordered their expulsion from the country, according the same sources.

“Some authorities have asked for the campaign to last till after Ramadam“, month of Muslim fasting, which will coincide with the month of September this year, according to Yassem Jalil, the Dubai’s Police Commander. He also pointed out that, among the arrested there are Emirates’ citizens, and that a Government’s commission “is in contact with the family and prepares special studies to end this phenomenon“.

Los Emiratos detienen y deportan a decenas de homosexuales asiáticos y occidentales |

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Written by Claudia

July 23, 2008 at 11:56 pm

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