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Sub-Saharan African Would-Be Immigrants Arrested In Morocco And Spain

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Several hundred would-be immigrants from Sub-Saharan Africa have been rounded up trying to enter Spain illegally over the past several days including 52 arrested by the Moroccan navy.

On Saturday, Morocco’s navy arrested 52 people on board a boat off the coast of Morocco’s southern Oued Eddhab province who were illegally trying to reach Spain’s Canary Islands, Morocco’s official Maghreb Arabe Presse agency reported Monday.

Security services told MAP that the illegals included two women.

According to MAP reports, Morocco is used as a transit country by illegal immigrants trying to enter Europe. The would-be immigrants travel through the Gibraltar Strait, the northern Moroccan Spanish-occupied cities of Sebta and Melilia or the Canary Islands, which are off Morocco’s southern Atlantic coasts.

Sub-Saharan African Would-Be Immigrants Arrested In Morocco And Spain | AHN | July 21, 2008.

Morocco is used as transit country by illegal immigrants: and what is the role played by Morocco in that transit? It would be interesting to know that.

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Written by Claudia

July 23, 2008 at 8:32 pm

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