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World Conference on Dialogue: the speakers who (nearly) every MSM hid

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Perhaps the first questionable aspect of the enterprise was its sponsorship by the World Muslim League (WML), the Saudi-backed international agency that is widely identified as a financier of extremism. Fortunately for the participants, the Madrid summit received little coverage in international media. The Spanish conservative and Catholic daily ABC was alone, apparently worldwide, in having the courage to mention that a prominent invitee, the American neo-Nazi William Baker, who spoke in the Friday morning session on “Dialogue, Peace, and Coexistence,” is associated with neo-Nazism.

In 2002, the Orange County Weekly exposed Baker’s long relationship with prominent and scabrous Jew-baiter Willis Carto. That led Southern California Christian preacher Robert Schuller to throw Baker out of his circle of advisers. But Baker was a fine catch, it seems, for the Saudi sponsors of the Madrid gathering. To emphasize, while the big Spanish papers gave nearly-daily coverage to the festival of faiths, and other international papers mentioned its opening, only the traditionally-hardline ABC, on July 19, described it as “inconvenient for the Spanish authorities because of the background of some of the guests, including William Baker, an ex-Neo-Nazi.”

Baker was one of three Americans granted prominence on the program at Madrid, alongside Nihad Awad, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the chief Wahhabi lobby entity in the U.S. The third was Rabbi Arthur Schneier, an Orthodox Jewish leader. So two out of three American speakers represented radical Islam and its non-Muslim but extremist sympathizers. The fix, shall we say, was in.

Summer of Love?.

I knew about Nijad Awad being in the Conference but I didn’t know about an ex-Neo-Nazi being one of the speakers. It’s interesting to note that no MSM (except pointed out that fact. But it’s not rare: this ex-Neo-Nazi was speaking on “Dialogue, Peace and Coexistence”… between whom?

It’s also interesting that Zapatero had repeatedly stated he is a “red” meaning he is a total leftist. He had demonised every right-winger in Spain… and yet he made no statement of condemnation or of contempt against this Neo-Nazi. Curious thing.

Thanks to BCF for the tip.

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