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Bolivian Constitutional Tribunal stops referendum for revoking mandates to regional governors

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Bolivian Constitutional Tribunal ordered on Tuesday to the Electoral National Court the suspension of the referendum for revoking the mandates scheduled for August 10th.

Silvia Salame, the only magistrate of the High Tribunal because of the resignation of the other four members elected by Parliament, made this announcement public while adding that the resolution is consequence of the request presented by the opposition’s MP, Arturo Murillo, who belongs to the center party National Unity (UN).

Salame explained that, being the only magistrate in the Constitucional Tribunal, after the other four magistrates resigned after denouncing political pressures, she can sign a resolution such as this because there is jurisprudence which can be applied to the process.

The referendum “must be suspended, because the jurisprudence of the Tribunal is compulsaory for the National Electoral Court, the Republic’s Presidente (that is, Evo Morales) and any other national institution”, the resolution says.

El Tribunal Constitucional de bolivia ordena suspender el referendo revocatorio –

A very tough moment for Bolivia…

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Written by Claudia

July 24, 2008 at 5:04 pm

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