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“Islamist menace is higher now than four years ago”

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Alberto Saiz, Director of Spanish National Intelligence Center, has stated that during a University summer lecture in Aranjuez titled “Research journalism and intelligence services after March 11th bombings”. He added afterwards that Spain is better prepared now to face them now.

“Every Islamic terrorist group that operates in Europe have some kind of activity in Spain” and of course, “Spain is a target of Islamic terrorist”. He has continued saying that “even if March 11th bombings were perpetrated by independent cells from the international jihad, we have deactivated tentatives of terrorist attacks which were ordered by Al-Qaeda”

He has also underlined that “in this new world order, in which the terrorist menace is a reality, the normal citizen has a main role in the process to integrate the Muslim immigrants and, as a result, to avoid radicalism in society”.

Alberto Saiz: “La amenaza islamista ahora es mayor que hace cuatro años” – Libertad Digital – Nacional.

The reality was that Zapatero made Spanish Army flee from Iraq. And the reason for that move was… that he said that a) the cause of terrorism in Spain was Iraqi war “which was illegal, unjust and illegitimate” and b) in general that there is an “ocean of world unjustice”.

And Spain keeps on being menaced by Al-Qaeda … soooo what is the cause now?

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Written by Claudia

July 24, 2008 at 6:15 pm

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